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AAHS Journal Volume 66 (2021) Table of Contents


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Article Author Page
President’s Message Jerri Bergen 156
The Life and Work of Aviation Photographer & Historian William "Bill" Larkins, Part 2 Jim Geldert 2
Black Friday over North Vietnam Dan Heller 15
The Forgotten Bomber, Stearman"s X100/XA-21 Thomas E. Lowe 27
"Back From The Dust Bin Of History," Restoring The Burnelli CBY-3 Thomas C. Palshaw and Harry Newman 37
Superfortresses for the RAF, The Boeing B-29 Washington in U.K. Service Tony Fairbairn 50
What Happened to the Wright Brothers After 1903 and 1908? F. E. C. Culick 60
News & Comments from our Members 74
Forum of Flight Tim Williams 76
President’s Message Jerri Bergen 80
Non-Skeds: The Story of America’s Supplemental Airlines, Part 4 David H. Stringer 82
American Fokker Factory Photos; an Introduction Gert P.M. Blum 88
Reginald Denny: "Father" of Radio Controlled Aircraft Charles Shaw 93
The Executive Bomber Fleet Gary L. Killion 99
Juanita Burns; Lofty Ambitions Barbara H. Schultz 109
1950 Blue Angels and Seven Signatures on a Postal Cover Ed Martin 115
The First of the Many, Stearman PT-13, 36-02 Thomas E. Lowe 122
The Lost Aircraft of Salton Sea Lake John Halczak 137
The Bell P-39 Airacobra and the "Iron Dog" Ace H. Davis Gandees 144
Forum of Flight Tim Williams 148
News & Comments from our Members 153
Why Trust a Tough Boss? Or, Safe Upgrades Cost Sweat As Well as Money Larry Elman, USAF (Retired) 158
Americas Large and Small: A Most Confused Genealogy of the Curtiss Model H America J.M. Caiellea 161
Non-Skeds: The Story of America’s Supplemental Airlines, Part 5 David H. Stringer 179
The Curtiss CW-20, The Airliner Destiny Forgot Gary L. Killion 186
The Historic TWA Terminal and Lockheed Constellation at JFK Robert G. Waldvogel 199
Transocean Air Lines, Refugees, and Aviatrix Ruth Nichols 1949 Ed Martin 214
What Bert Acosta Did and Probably Didn’t Do: Through 1922 Michael Gough 218
Confession Corner: Dreaded Two-engine Out Instrument Approach Tom Beard 233
News & Comments from our Members 235
Forum of Flight 236
President’s Message Jerri Bergen 240
Save the Date - 2022 Annual Meeting 241
When Pigs Flew: The TFX Affair Chris Hansen 243
Hollywood, the Memphis Belle and the &quo;Interpretative&quo; Documentary Lawrence Karson 256
Northrop Gamma 2A: Hawks Dreamed of it, Northrop Did it Alain Pelletier 265
Kaman HH-43 Huskie; First USAF SAR helicopter used in the Southeast Asia Conflict Johan D. Ragay 274
The Invisible Aviation Revolution Dr. Alan Fuhs 301
New AAHS Website Hayden Hamilton 314
Forum of Flight 316
News & Comments from our Members 321
AAHS at AirVenture 2022 - Call for Voluteers 323
President’s Message Jerri Bergen 324