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AAHS Journal Volume 65 (2020) Table of Contents


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Article Author Page
News & Comments from our Members 153
President’s Message Jerri Bergen 320
Save the Date - 2020 Annual Meeting 1
Allen E. Paulson: Aviation’s Adventuresome Industrialist Donald J. Porter 3
Battleship-Cruiser Aviation, or Sling-Shot Flyers Fred C. Dickey, Jr 18
The Lockheed Hudson Gary L. Killion 35
Disaster Photos to New York by Airplane J.B. Rivard 44
A Mutual Fiasco: The American Fokker F-11 Gert P.M. Blum 50
Turbulence on the Flight Deck Steve Wolff 62
Forum of Flight Tim Williams 73
News & Comments from our Members 78
President‘s Message Jerri Bergen 80
2020 Annual Meeting Update 81
Douglas C-133: Designed for Atlas ICBMs? Cal Taylor 83
The Other Jeep: Curtiss-Wright CW-25 Dan Hagedorn 91
The Flying Chiefs of USN VF-2 Capt. Bill Scarborough, USN (ret) 96
The C-141 Starlifters Participation in Operation Homecoming John Vadas 110
Hurricanes Over Old Warden Frank B. Marmillo 122
The First Lockheed Spy Planes Gary L. Killion 128
James “Jimmy” H. Doolittle Martin Maisel
Will Rogers’ & Willy Post’s Last Flight: Point Barrow, Alaska, 1935 Ed Martin 133
Forum of Flight Tim Williams 147
President‘s Message Jerri Bergen 160
Vultee V-1A, the “Pullman” Aircraft Alain Pelletier 162
Cliff Henderson: Visionary Leader Barbara H. Schultz 174
The National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics; The Formative Years, 1915-1927 Martin Maisel 185
The Survival and Rescue of Joe Tippets from the 1943 Gillam Crash John Tippets 196
The Jensen Trainer Model 2: A Despression-Era Private Venture Dan Hagedorn 206
Non-Skeds: The Story of America‘ Supplemental Airlines, Part 2 David H. Stringer 219
There Never Was an Air Service AO-1; The Story of the prototype Fokker C.V in the USA Gert P.M. Blum 226
Parks Air College, Teaching Pilots to Fly the Ford Tri-Motor Terry Love 231
News & Comments from our Members 234
Forum of Flight Tim Williams 235
President’s Message Jerri Bergen 240
Selecting the Space Shuttle Carrier Aircraft Eric Pearson 242
Deep in the Heart of Texas; The Texas Aero Corp. Temple Monoplane Dan Hadedorn 249
NON-SKEDS: The Story of America’s Supplemental Airlines, Part III David H. Stringer 266
Darkest of Days, 113th Wing on 9/11 Stephen Chapis 273
D-Day+1: “Hat Jane’s” Fall and Renaissance From The Loire Valley Gregory Pons, Bruno Chapelle, edited by David A. Reid 280
Breakfast with Theodore von Karman & Laurance Rockefeller Dr. Allen E. Fuhs, With Input by Dr. John Erdos 287
The Shoot Down of Sun Valley 56-0528 Steve Wolff 293
Long Island’s Aviation Heritage Robert G. Waldvogel 304
Forum of Flight Tim Williams 316