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AAHS Journal Volume 64 (2019) Table of Contents


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Article Author Page
Jumbo: A Tribute to the Boeing 747 Clive Irving 2
Boeing 747 First Flights Over a Half Century: Challenges, Test Events, and Recollections Capt. Tom Imrich 8
Trained for Combat David C. Diefendorf 18
The Operational History of C-141 65-0269 John Vadas 30
The Incredible Mystery Spin: Unhurt, Three Men Survived Nick Mamer’s 1926 Crash from 2000 ft J.B. Rivard 35
The Pilot, the Prince and the Rescue Duane Schultz 38
Cooperative Airplanes of the U.S. Army Air Corps, 1930-1934 Hayden Hamilton 43
Dark Horse Running, Part IV: Bell and Martin-Bell’s Cold War Orbital Glide Bombers David Stern 59
Ireland Meteor 71
Confession Corner: Airborne Problem Richard Miles 73
Forum of Flight Tim Williams 74
News & Comments from our Members 78
President’s Message Jerri Bergen 80
First to Fight: Capt. Henry Elrod and the Diehard Marines of VMF-211 Jeff Erickson 82
Kelly Field, My Introduction to a Life-long Association with Flight and the Air Force Keith Ferris 92
Hollywood and Aviation Martin D. Maisel 102
The Bremen, First Westward Non-Stop Transatlantic Airiplane Flight - 1928 Ed Martin 121
U.S. Airlines Through the War Years Gary L. Killion 130
The Unforgettable Joe T., A Different Sort of Aviaiton Pioneer John M. Tippets 140
Flying in the Twilight Zone Steve Wolff 146
The Douglas A-1H Skyraider vs. the MiG-17 Fresco Lee R. De Haven 151
Forum of Flight Tim Williams 155
News & Comments from our Members 159
President’s Message Jerri Bergen 160
Save the Date - 2020 Annual Meeting 161
75th D-Day Invasion Commemoration: DAKs over Normandy Jerri Bergen 162
Flying with Ghosts, Over the Beaches of Normandy On the75th Anniversary of D-Day Jon Goldenbaum 174
The Mighty Fifteen of the D-Day Squadron Edited by Hayden Hamilton 177
Across the World by Air on the Wings of Discovery: Harold Gatty, Pioneer of Transoceanic Flight Justin H. Libby 186
The Golden Age of Propliners Gary L. Killion 193
A Brief History of the People who Created the Light Aircraft Industry in the United States Martin Maisel 206
Paul Neuman, Flight Engineer and the Last American Airlines DC-10s to Hawaii Ed Martin 227
Forum of Flight Tim Williams 236
President‘s Message Jerri Bergen 240
Save the Date - 2020 Annual Meeting 241
The Lockheed L-188 Electra Robert G. Waldvogel 243
The First Lockheed Electras Gary L. Killion 253
The Life and Times of Ralph S. Damon Justin H. Libby 263
High Flying Fashion! The Evolution of Flight Apparel for Pioneering Women Pilots Barbara H. Schultz 272
The Saul 1000 Triad Steve Wolff 282
Non-Skeds: The Story of America‘ Supplemental Airlines, Part 1 David H. Stringer 285
A Teenager Growing Up in England during WWII: The Blitz and Other Childhood Memories Colin Green 292
Douglas Corrigan - “Wrong Way” to fame at Baldonnel Aerodrome, Ireland Ed Martin 300
Confession Corner: The Day I Killed the Dentist Jon Goldenbaum 308
Forum of Flight Tim Williams 313
News & Comments from our Members 317
President‘s Message Jerri Bergen 320