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AAHS Journal Volume 62 (2017) Table of Contents


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Article Author Page
Duxford’s Hawk Collection Frank B. Marmillo 2
In the Wake of the Albatross and Seagull, a Look Back to 1922 Simine Short 6
Piper LBP-1 GLOMB Mal Holcomb 12
The Cold War Ground Observer Corps Noel Allard 19
Dark Horse Running; the Bell and Martin-Bell Cold War Orbital Glide Bomber, Part I David Stern 21
Remembering DC-3s, a Dream Come True and Ron Alexander Denny Caldwell 28
What the Heck is Going on Here Dan Hagedorn 32
Pan American Airways, the Pacific Challenge Edited by Ed Martin 34
Elmer Fowler Stone, and the Origins of Coast Guard Aviation Justin H. Libby 44
A New Flying Machine; an excursion into historic foreign literature John M. McKee 59
Confession Corner 65
Forum of Flight Tim Williams 67
News & Comments from our Members 72
Lightning at Sea Keith Ferris 73
AAHS & ASAA Establish Formal Relationship 74
American Society of Aviation Artists (ASAA) 75
President‘s Message Jerri Bergen 76
The Ugly Duckling, Sikorsky S-38 Mitch Mayburn 78
Dark Horse Running; the Bell and Martin-Bell Cold War Orbital Glide Bomber, Part II David Stern 100
A Life in the Heavens: Irving Krick and the Art of Weather Forecasting Justin H. Libby 113
Tribute to Albert Hansen, 1932-2017 125
An Unforgettable Picture Sidney M Yahn 126
Fights of Fancy: The Air Wars of Dean Ivan Lamb Joe Martin 130
The History of Republic Airport Robert G. Waldvogel 139
The First Airborne Flushable Toilet Larry Elman 150
Forum of Flight Tim Williams 155
President’s Message Jerri Bergen 160
2018 AAHS Annual Meeting Announcement 162
William T. Larkins, Part 1 Jim Geldert 163
Pan American Airways Hawaii Clipper’s Last Flight Ed Martin 178
EAA AirVenture 2017 Hayden Hamilton 185
The Steco Aerohydroplane, Gnome Omega and Denny Eggert Denny Eggert 189
The Irish Constellations . . . A Lucky Break for BOAC? M.D. West 195
The Boeing System, 1925 to 1931 J. Roger Bentley 198
"Black Sunday," April 16, 1944 Carroll "Bob" Anderson 209
Confession Corner 218
Tribute to Walt Bohl 221
State of the Art; Digital Images and Image Processing Hayden Hamilton 222
President’s Message Jerri Bergen 224
Tribute to Sidy Yahn G. Pat Macha 226
News & Comments 227
Forum of Flight Tim Williams 229
The First Zemke Fan, May 12, 1944 Dr. Gerhard Kaschba 234
C-141 Startlifters of the 164th Airlift Wing, Tennessee Air National Guard John Vadas 244
The Aero Club’s First Exhibition and the Events Leading Up To It. Simine Short 252
From an Airknocker to the Left Seat of a Flying Fortress R.E. "Bud" Kingsbury 263
"Burma Banshees" 90th Fighter Squadron P-47s Gregory Pons 272
U.S. Army Air Force 12th Bombardment Group in WWII. "The Earthquakers" Charles H. Tucker, Lt. Col. USAF (Ret.) with Larry W. Bledsoe 278
Dark Horse Running, Bell Martin-Bell"s Cold War Orbital Glide Bombers, Part III David Stern 290
Stirring up the Airlines; Swizzle Sticks Ed Martin 301
Forum of Flight Tim Williams 304
President’s Message Jerri Bergen 308