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AAHS Journal Volume 58 (2013) Table of Contents


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Article Author Page
America‘s Local Service Airlines, Part II David H. Stringer 2
Rustic India: My Secret War Over Cambodia Jerry Dufresne as told to Cal Taylor 14
The CIA’s Single Aerial Victory Hayden Hamilton 20
Arctic Ops, Part III, Early Secret Military Cold War Arctic Operations Dave Stern 23
Reel Fliers of 1938 Phillip W. Stewart 33
Air Power Will Dominate the Pacific General Wm. Mitchell 37
Memories of the Merced Antique Fly-in Al Hansen 43
North Star Rising, Part III: Unlimited Horizons; Donald Nyrop and the Growth of Northwest Airlines Justin H. Libby 48
Stinson Model U Trimotor of 1932 Al Hansen 67
Remember When - Dart Aircraft Co. Earl See 71
Forum of Flight Al Hansen 74
News & Comments from our Readers 78
President’s Message Jerri Bergen 80
Theodore von Karman, the “Martian’ Who Changed the Way We Fly Philip Handleman 82
America’s Local Service Airlines, Part III: Frontier, Lake Central, Mohawk & North Central David H. Stringer 93
You’ve Heard of “Rosie the Riveter’ - Now Meet a “Real Rosie!" Edith Emch as told to Mary Ehrlich 112
Orchard Place/Douglas Field: Better Known Today as Chicago O’Hare International Airport Hayden Hamilton 114
America Trails in World Aeronautics General Wm. Mitchell 118
Stars, Stripes and Sacrifice: Remembering America’s War Dead at Gander Darrell Hillier 126
Elizabeth Ulysses Grant McQueen Barbara H. Schultz 130
The Douglas DC-1 in Europe M.D. West 138
Snake, Genesis of the Bell P-39 Airacobra Dave Stern 140
Way Back When - Crusader Aircraft Corp Earl See 151
Forum of Flight Albert Hansen 155
President’s Message Jerri Bergen 160
America‘s Local Service Airlines, Part IV: Ozark, Pacific & Piedmont David H. Stringer 162
Jack Randolph Cramm Cal Taylor 183
Howard Hugh‘s Impromtu Beginning as a Helicopter Manufacturer Donald J. Porter 194
The Curtiss R2C Racers Thomas G. Foxworth 200
Crushing America by Air Gen. William Mitchell 206
The Mother of all Cross-Country Checkouts Sidney M Yahn 211
The Aviation Career of Brig. Gen. Eilliott Roosevelt, USAAF Chris Hansen 214
A Very Short Tale, The Boeing B-52 Stratofortress David Stern 225
Forum of Flight Albert Hansen 231
Way Back When - Buhl-Verville Aircraft Co. Airster Earl See 235
News & Comments from our Members 239
President’s Message Jerri Bergen 240
Northrop F-20 Tigershark, Gone but not Forgotten Sidney M Yahn 242
America‘s Local Service Airlines, Part V: Southern, Trans-Texas & West Coast Airlines David H. Stringer 248
Boeing School of Aeronautics Expansion 1940 Kenneth E. Bourke 271
A Story of the Budd RB-1 Conestoga Nancy Canavan Heslop 275
The Collapse of the Coolidge Air Policy Gen. William Mitchell 286
The First U.S. Air Meet, January 1910, Los Angeles Lt. Col. Walt Wick, USAF (Ret.) 292
Lindbergh‘s USAAS Flight Training Fred G. Herbert 299
Ancestor Aircraft of TWA, Part 3 Edward Peck 301
Forum of Flight Al Hansen 309
Remember When - Gwinn Aircar Earl See 314
News & Comments from our Members 319
President’s Message Jerri Bergen 320