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AAHS Journal Volume 55 (2010) Table of Contents


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Article Author Page
Remembering the Lockheed YF-12A Jerri Bergen 2
Douglas DC-8 Enters Service (Part II) Tim Williams 12
Airborne Photography of the Solar Eclipes of the Quiet Sun; Project APEQS Tim Williams 19
Naval Aeronautics in the Civil War: Naval-Associated Operations of Observation Balloons, Part II Thomas G. Hilt 24
A Lost Squadron, VMF-422‘s WWII Misadventure J.T. O’Brien 35
U.S. Naval Aircraft of the Golden Age, 1919-1941 Al Hansen with photos from the Sid Bradd collection 39
From Air Taxi to Airline: The Embry-Riddle Company of Cincinnati Stephen G. Craft 49
Golden Age Remembrances Earl See 58
Lockheed Constellation and Constellation Survivors Ralph M. Pettersen 60
Remember When - Sky Gem Earl See 73
Forum of Flight Al Hansen 76
The Grasshoppers of Okinawa John L. Marty, Jr. 82
The 1939 National Air Races in Cleveland, Ohio; the End of the Golden Age of Air Racing Al Hansen 93
Lester Maitland and Albert Hegenberger and the First Nonstop Flight to Hawaii Justin H. Libby 101
The Development and Evolution of the “Wild Weasel’ - Part 1 Lee R. DeHaven 117
Two Weeks to Go H. “Dix’ Dixon 129
The McDonnell FH-1 Phantom; the Forgotten Phantom Hayden Hamilton 131
The Martin Mars and My Experiences with this Giant Flying Boat Richard C. Hill 138
Foreign-Built Airships in US Service 1919-1939 Leon N. Webb 146
Forum of Flight Al Hansen 155
On the Wings of Discovery: Muir Stephen Fairchild, The Life and Times of an Aviation Pioneer and Patriot Justin H. Libby 162
The Airplane Designs of Hughes Aircraft Company Garry R. Pape 182
Visitors to Parks Air College Terry Love 196
Braniff International Airways 1930-1982, Part 2 Hayden Hamilton 203
The CAF Arizona Wing‘s B-25J “Maid in the Shade’ 43-35972 Dennis Sturm 214
N1596V and N1597V, the Last of the Aussie Mossies Doug Morrison 222
Remember When, Colonial Aircraft Corp. Skimmer IV Earl See 230
Forum of Flight Al Hansen 234
75 Years of DC-3s in Flight Tim L. Williams 242
Fokker and the USAAS T-3 Competition Gert P.M. Blum 258
Harold Ross Harris Justin H. Libby 266
The Incredible Douglas F3D J.T. O’Brien 279
The Douglas XB-19 R.E. Williams & Hayden Hamilton, Illustrations by Lloyd S. Jones 289
The P-51D/K Mustangs of the Royal Netherlands East Indies Air Force Gerard Casius 298
The Final Flight of Ensign Paul Blair John W. Coe 306
Remember When: Commander 200 Earl See 312
Forum of Flight Al Hansen 316