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AAHS Journal Volume 53 (2008) Table of Contents


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Article Author Page
A Gathering of Square Tails, 2006 Thomas E. Lowe 2
Volumetric Air Transports: Part 1 - Development of the Pregnant and Super Guppies Daren Savage 21
Belly Flop, The U.S. Navy’s WWII Glider Misstep William Norton 32
Emil Strasser Photographs - 1934 National Air Races Al Hansen, photos courtesy of Gerald Liang 53
The Gardner Trophy Air Races - May 1929, Part 2 - The Final Terry Bowden 58
Death of Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. H.N. “Dusty’ Rhodes 69
Remember When - Beechcraft musketeer Earl See 71
Forum of Flight Al Hansen 75
Phifty Years of Phantom II Phighters Lee R. DeHaven 82
Origins of the “Spook" unknown 104
Pardo’s Push: A Feat of Incredible Airmanship Hayden Hamilton 106
Dan Cherry’s MiG Victory and his F-4D Hayden Hamilton 109
Sideshow Curiosities: American Military Glider Experiments of WWII William Norton 113
A3D-1 Versions, Part III Bruce Cunningham 135
Remember When - Douglas Cloudster Earl See 147
Forum of Flight Al Hansen 155
Boeing 707: The World Changer Michael Lombardi 162
1935 National Air Races Al Hansen & Hayden Hamilton 174
Trans World Airlines: The Creation of a Global Airline by Jack Frye and Other Founders Justin H. Libby 181
Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (Minnesota); Transition and Change Noel Allard 205
Geogre Jansen (Test Pilot) H. “Dix’ Dixon 213
112 Victories: Aerial Victory Credits of the Tuskegee Airmen Dr. Daniel L. Haulman 218
Leo Barnum Kimball Ev Cassagneres 226
Remember When - Bellanca Cruisair Senior Earl See 233
Forum of Flight Al Hansen 237
Pond Racer: Beyond the Cutting Edge Michael Schratt 242
Mallard Over Tahiti, 1951-1955 Alex Frame 250
History of the Mohawk Aircraft Company Noel Allard 253
Airlift from the Abyss John L. Marty 263
Flying Aircraft Carriers of the USAF: Wing Tip Coupling, Section 2: EB-29A/EF-84D Brian Lockett 286
1936 National Air Races Al Hansen with Emil Strasser Photos courtesy of Gerry Liang 304
Remember When - Commonwealth Skyranger Earl See 310
Forum of Flight Al Hansen 315