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AAHS Journal Volume 42 (1997) Table of Contents


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Article Author Page
Burnelli and His Lifting-Body Transports Kent A. Mitchell 2
Douglas AD Skyraider E.H. Heinemann 20
Roger, the Other Jannus Thomas Reilly 30
XP-56/R40-C (Part 4B-Conclusion) Gerald H. Balzer 34
The Diary of Jimmie Mattern, Pioneer Airman (Part 1) Autobiography by Jimmie Mattern 52
T-Birds in Mexican Air Force Service Santiago A. Flores 70
Forum of Flight Albert Hansen 74
News & Comments 77
Maddux Air Lines 1927-1929 EdBetts 82
The Diary of Jimmie Mattern (Part II) Jimmie Mattem Submitted by Dorothy Mattem 92
The P-51 The Real Story - Rebuttal J. LeIand Atwood 108
Post-WWII Airliners (Circa 1945-1949) Ed Betts 110
The “Slick Chick" Jim Tuttle 124
How to Draw a Crowd 1945 ETO Style Merle Olmsted 130
Everett Wasson on the Liard Peter Corfey-Smith and Bob Cameron 132
The XP-40 Marsupial Coolant System Walter Tydon 140
Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Program Kent A. Mitchell 142
The Women’s Class A Pacific Derby (Long Beach to Chicago, Aug. 17-25, 1930) H. Glenn Buffington 148
The Last Flight of Orville Wright Kent A. Mitchell 153
Forum of Flight Albert Hansen 154
News & Comments 158
Transcontinental Air Transport, Inc. Ed Betts 162
Heroine Aloft: Ruth Law Richard A. Morley 174
The Last Flight of Stinson 10-A “Voyager 90’ NC-34639 Kent A. Mitchell 176
The Martins of TWA Ed Betts 182
Reunion With A Stearman Thomas E. Lowe 194
The Diary of Jimmie Mattern (Part III) Jimmie Mattem, Submitted by Dorothy Mattern 200
Origins of the Bell Airacuda Birch Matthews 218
The Demise of Air Corps 33-27: or a Bellanca’s “Hairy Tale Merle Olmsted 228
G.H. Curtiss and the Langley Aerodrome Richard A. Morley 231
The Dover AFB Museum’s CG-4A Cargo Glider Richard L. Omauer 232
Forum of Flight Albert Hansen 233
News & Comments 236
The Diary of Jimmie Mattern Pioneer Airman (Part IV) Jimmie Mattem - Submitted by Dorothy Mattem 242
"Ray’ Johns and his Homebuilt Airplanes Kent A. Mitchell 256
Dayton’s James M. Cox International Airport Dick Korns 266
Fairchild “Could Have Been’ Aircraft Designs Kent A. Mitchell 274
Famous Student Pilots Richard A. Morley 285
The Origins of Blind Landing Peter Berry, MRAeS 286
Mayday Mayday - November 19, 1946 Roland Eichenberger and Chris Haag 294
The Korn Brothers of Ohio: Early Aviators Roger L. Miller 296
"Spig’ Weed: Naval Aviator and Screenwriter Harvey M. Beigel 302
RP-6910 Project Survey William J. Bennett 310
Forum of Flight Albert Hansen 313
News & Comments 316