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AAHS Journal Volume 41 (1996) Table of Contents


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Article Author Page
Strategic Air Command Tail Markings, 1946-1953 Richard A. Rodrigues 2
What, No Propeller? Rex Hardy 12
NYRBA Airlines and Its Publicity Don Thomas 17
Fairchild KAQ-1 Lark Kent A. Mitchell 24
XP-54/R40-C (Part2of4) Gerald H. Balzer 28
Grumman Manufactured Aircraft as of May 1994 (Part III) Roger Seybel 54
Secret Mission-Sikorsky H-19 in Vietnam 1957 Kent A. Mitchell 66
Forum of Flight Albert Hansen 76
News & Comments 79
The “Colonel’ and His Aircraft Fred W. Hotson 82
XP-55/R40-C (Part3A of 4) Gerald H. Balzer 90
Fred Borsodi-Profile of a Test Pilot, Patriot Richard A. Morley 114
Curtiss Aviation Engines-An American Success Story Lary M. Rinek 126
The Zemke Fan and the Battle of the Aces Colonel Hub Zemke 138
Hiller XROE-1 RotorCycle Arthur Pearcy, Jr., MRAeS 148
A Nearly Forgotten Episode in the Activities of the Wright Company, The Hydroaeroplane School Quentin R. Wald 150
Forum of Flight Albert Hansen 155
XP-55/R40-C (Part 3B of 4) Gerald H. Balzer 162
The P-51 -The Real Story Edward Horkey 178
General Curtis LeMay, The Strategic Air Command and the Korean War, 1950-1953 Theodore R. Jamieson, Ph.D. 190
Charles Healy Day and His New Standards David B. Stevenson 200
A New Way of War (The Development of Military Aviation in the American West, 1908-1945) Roger D. Launius 220
Forum of Flight Al Hansen 234
News & Comments 237
XP-56/R40-C Part4A Gerald H. Balzer.. 242
Our First Instrument Landing System Robert F. Hegenberger 266
Naval Air Supremacy and the Development of the Brewster Buffalo Malcolm A. LeCompte 270
Aviation Manuscript Collections (Treasure or Trash?) Robert H. Smith . 277
Detachment 2 Goes to War (RB-45C Reconnaissance Activity in Korea, 1950-1953) John C. Fredriksen, Ph.D. 282
The Quest to Build a Great Airport in Winston-Salem Walter R. Turner 288
B-29: Made in Japan Robert C. Mikesh 296
Claire Chennault and China’s “Airline Affair" Nancy Amson Wright 300
Forum of Flight Al Hansen 312
News & Comments 316