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AAHS Journal Volume 29 (1984) Table of Contents


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Article Author Page
Column Cover (The 366th Fighter Group in WWII)(Pt. I), Harold Norman Holt, Col. USAF (Ret.) 2
Saga of the Magic Carpet S/Sgt. Edgar S. Tingley 14
Fairchild F.91 Flying-Boat Type Amphibian Noboru Jyoko 16
P-51 Data Michael Grover 19
Fabulous Belmont Park Henry S. Villard 20
Ruth Nichols R. M. Valerioti 26
Note on a Corporation Aircraft of the 1930s, A Alfred E. Cornebise 41
From V-2 to Saturn V (The Story of Dr. Eberhard Rees) Robert Jacques 42
Lockheed Constellation, The (A History) (Pt. II) Louis Barr 44, (addendum) 319
NAS Moffett Field: A Pictorial History Chuck Hansen 56
1-Nov-44 Merle Olmsted 64
Forum of Flight Mark Aldrich 74
Hollywood’s 13 Black Cats (addendum) John Alden Barclay 77, 157
Pineapple Airlines (An Operational History of VR-21) (addendum) Nicholas M. Williams 77
Medal of Honor: Bernard Francis Fisher (addendum) 78
Out in The Blue, The War Diary of John R. ’Killer’ Kane, (addendum) Kenn C. Rust (ed.) 78
Race from Point Zero, The Curtiss vs. Wright (addendum) Robert E. Johnson 78
Superiority of the American Transoceanic Airliner, 1932-1939 (Sikorsky S-42 vs. Short S.23), The Richard K. Smith 82
TWA Fokker F-10A Crash Response Mauno Salo 95
DC-5: The Forgotten Douglas Henry H. Holden 96
Vitiated Vanguard, The R. Martin 102
Eleven Sixty Three John F. Vadas 116
Flight Radio Navigator (Adventures with Pan American Air Ferries 1942) W. Donald Thomas, Lt. USNR (Ret.) 118
Crisis in the Forest of St. Cloud Richard L. Uppstrom, Col. USAF 135
Columbia XJL Matthew Rodian 136
We Are Doomed at the Start (Lt. Max Louk and the 20th Pursuit Squadron in the Phillipines, May - December 1941) William H. Bartsch 141
Birth of Aviation Medicine, The Bard C. Cosman 148
Forum of Flight Mark Aldrich 152
Douglas DC-2, the, A Catalogue (addendum) 155
U.S. Civil B-25s (addendum) William T. Larkins 155
Lillie-Vought Biplane (Chance M. Vought’s Early Designs of World War I Era) (addendum) Arthur L. Schoeni 158
3-View of Travel Air Model “R" Dustin W. Carter 160
Jack Vilas’ 1913 Aerial Yacht Merrill Stickler 162
Perspective Cutaway Curtiss A-3 Falcon Nicholas Karstens 173
An Artist Invents an Airplane Frederick Platt 174
Whatever Became of Zensaku Azuma? John Underwood 178
One Man, One Mustang (The First USAF Medal of Honor David R. McLaren 180
Seventeen Bits and Pieces of the Ragged Irregulars during the Secod World War Paul M. Andrews 182
Gee Bee Ascender Ronald W. Harrison 190
F-102 in USAF European Service, The Johan D. Ragay 192
Who Really Gave Us the DC-3? Robert E. Johnson 202
Waco Story, The, (Pt. II) Herm Schreiner 214
Douglas XO2D-1, The Nicholas V. Karstens & Robert E. Williams 228
Forum of Flight Mark Aldrich 238
Loening Monoplanes, The Patricia T. Groves 242
DC-2, the Dutch, and the 1934 Melbourne Race, The H. C. Kavelaars 256
50th Anniversary Flight by Uiver 2 275
Reno Races Night Scenes Birch J.Matthews 284
Flying Fortresses of the 19th Bomb Group John H. Mitchell 287
Staggerwing Ed Phillips 294
Cessna and Air Racing’s Golden Age Bob Hirsch 296
Medal of Honor Aviators, Gordon, Nathan Green, Lt. (jg) USN William J. Bennett 308
Wright Brothers, The - Engineers/Photographers Ron Geibert 310
Forum of Flight Mark Aldrich 314
News & Comments 317