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AAHS Journal Volume 19 (1974) Table of Contents


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Article Author Page
Alae Supra Canalem Daniel P. Hagedorn 2
Navaho Inheritance, The Russ Murray 17
Forum of Flight Robert M. Lawson 22
Sky Dragon, The Willis L. Nye 24
Black Lions and Green Phantoms Stephen Riley 29
Locklear-Daredevil of the Air Art Ronnie 33
Aircraftsman’s Album, An Daniel B. Burnett Jr 38
F-46 By Any Other Name, An George Poling 46
Colonial Air Transport, Inc Albert A. LeShane 50
Piloti Americani in Italia-The US Air Service in Italy, World War I Phillips Melville 58
Medal of Honor - C.H. Hammann William J. Bennett 63
Jet-pod B-36, The Meyers K. Jacobsen 66
XP-42, Perennial Test Bed Gerry Beauchamp 82
Fairchild Utility Monoplanes J.P. Juptner, K.M. Molson, T.K. Rinehart 93
Helldivers in Italy Giancarlo Garello 107
First Museum, The Col. G.B. Jarrett USAR (Ret) 111
Mission to Gotha, the 445th Bomb Gp, 24 February 1944 Part 1 Geoffrey Watling 117
Forum of Flight 124
Their Great Adventure Roger F. Chapin, Claire B. Laird, & J.J. Smith 127
North American-The Beginnings, 1928-1937 Ralph B. Oakley 132
Book Reviews 145
Art and the Airman Compiled by James H. Fanner 147
Medal of Honor Aircraft William J. Bennett 150
Chinese Air Force, 1931-1940, The Ray Wagner 162
Great Mousetrap Play, The Merle Olmsted 172
Charles Willard-The Exhibition Years Martin Cole and Herman T. Schreiner 177
Ryan Mechanics Monoplane Co and William J Waterhouse William Wagner 193
OL-5 and the Beginnings of Coast Guard Aviation Bernard C. Nalty and Truman R. Strobridge 200
What Otto Didn’t Discover E.D. Weeks 204
Bars for the Star Robert C. Mikesh 205
Stinson Production Notes 1920-1948 John Underwood 208
Starfighters and Sunshine Equals Geoffrey B. Rhodes 219
Art and the Airman Robert A. Rose DDS 222
Medal of Honor - Jefferson Joseph DeBlanc William J. Bennett 226
Forum of Flight Robert L. Lawson 228
Book Reviews 230
News & Comments 233
Screaming Eagles Harry Gann 236
Charles A. Lindbergh, Feb 4,1902 - Aug 26,1974 239
News & Comments 240
Flying the Albatross With Lindbergh Bob Meakin 242
VF-96’s Finest-No II (Bu no 155800) L. David Erickson 246
Making of 12 0’Clock High, The James H. Farmer 250
Treasure in the Dust Bin of History Harvey H., Lippincott 265
Research and Development History of USAF Stability T-33- G. Warren Hall 270
Effectiveness of the Dirigible in Military Operations, The Douglas H. Robinson 276
Dayton Wright FIRST SHOT, The Robert Casari 286
Saga of N13Y, The! Philip C. O’Keefe 287
Jet-pod B-36, The Meyers K. Jacobsen 297
WASP Training Program, The LtCol. Dora D. Strother, USAFR 298
Electra Junior-Lockheed’s Model 12 T.M. Emmert & W.T. Larkins 307
Book Reviews 320
Forum of Flight Robert L. Lawson 322
Art and the Airman Compiled by James H. Fanner 324
News & Comments 326