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AAHS Journal Volume 15 (1970) Table of Contents


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Article Author Page
Ancestor Aircraft of TWA 1925-1936 - Part 1 Edward Peck 1
TWA Vignette, A - The Winnie Mac 4
Flight Line 10
Flying Pioneers - Dr Henry W. Walden Harold E Morehouse 12
Old lthica Airport 1914-1965 Dr. Douglas H. Robinson 14
Robert Short: The Making of a Hero Martin Cole 19
Charles Lindbergh on the Enviornment / Project Oil Wings 23
Johnson Twin 60, The David D. Hatfield 24
LB-30’s in Latin America Allan G. Blue 27
Flight to Retirement Robert C. Plikesh 29
Japanese Electras and Gooneybirds Richard M. Bueschel 30
Clipper of the Skies - Part 2 H.J. Nash 33
Stratocruiser in Service Capt. Francis L. Wallace 38
The Hustling Pacemaker (Res Proj 6911) Meyers K. Jacobsen 39
Le Musee de L’Amitie Franco-Americane Gary Fisk 40
One Day in June Merle C. Olmsted 42
Phantom II De-Tails - Part 2 George F. Ledtzter & Clarence Doxstater 49
Medal of Honor Aircraft William J. Bennett 57
News & Comments Len Morgan 58
Aviation Movie Rentals Lonnie Raidor 63
A Pioneer in Bolivia DonaId DeWitt 69
The Curtiss R-6 Racer-Army’s Bid for Speed Thomas C.Foxworth 73
The Landing Strip Jim Sullivan 92
An A-20 Pilot Gregory A Moreira 94
Ancestor Aircraft of TWA 1925-1936 - Part 2 Edward Peck 102
First Rocket Airplane Victory Gary L. Fry 109
Flight to Never-Never Land, The Martin Cole 110
Anatomy of an Air Battle Thomas C. Miller 115
Research Projects, Experimental PB-1W, Medal of Honor Aircraft, Downed at Peral Harbor, Varney Airlines 121
F-84s Around the World - Part 2 Norman E. Taylor 126
News & Comments 128
N&C - Vanishing Records, The Robert B. Casari 132
Advance of the Flying Tigers Walter E. Pentecost & J.J. Sloan 137
Time of Crisis for National Air & Space Museum 145
Silver Hill, Our Heritage in Limbo William P. Halstead III 147
Skyraiders of No 849 Squadron Arthur Percy Jr. 151
Flight Line 158
Air Racing - Great Sport Frank T Courtney 160
The Odyssey of GMB No 2 Merle C. Olmsted 166
Ancestor Aircraft of TWA 1925-1936 - Part 3 Edward Peck 172
Who Designed the Ford Trimotor? Tom Towle & John G. Lee 181
Wings of Mercy Martin Cole 194
Southeast Asia Air Operations Albert C. Picarillo 198
News & Comments 203
Gypsy Moth In USA Research Project 209
Carribean Air Forces at the Beginning of WWII Research Project 209
WWI Crashes in England Research Project 210
Medal of Honor Aircraft Research Project 210
F4D Skyray Operations Research Project 212
Flying Wings of Northrop, Their Development & Demise Research Project 213
North American AT-6/SNJ at the Reno National Championship Air Races 1969, The William T. Larkins 214
Skyhawks James T. Brady 217
The Landing Strip Jim Sullivan 222
Design Development of the XB-36 Meyers K. Jacobsen 224
The Odyssey of GMB No 2 Merle C. Olmsted 236
Longhead Sport Biplane Cedric E. Galloway 239
Flying Pulps, The Martin Cole 244
Ancestor Aircraft of TWA 1925-1936, Part 4 Edward Peck 248
Project Yehudi, A Study of Camouflage by Illumination, 1935-1945 John C. Reilly Jr. 255
In Memory; March AFB and Edwards AFB Memorials 263
Memorial Window March AFB Chapel R Bruce Harley 264
Test Pilot Memorial-Edwards AFB Willis L. Nye 265
Spirit of St Louis II David W. Menard 266
Southeast Asia Air Operations Albert C. Picarillo 268
News & Comments 270
AI Krapish Special, The Miltlm Sheppard 274
Douglas DC-2, The Joseph W. Justin 284