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AAHS Journal Volume 6 (1961) Table of Contents


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Article Author Page
Vin Fiz Commemorative Flight Bowers, Peter M. 1
Birth of Naval Aviation, The Hardie, George Jr. 3
Training the First Naval Aviator Wheeler, Gerald E. 14
Capt. H.C. Richardson Dies 16
The Flying Pioneers of Aviation: Phillips Ward Page, Clifford L. Webster, Marshall E. Reid, William E. Scripps, Edward A. Stinso Harold E. Morehouse 17
History of the Argentine Air Force, The Miranda, Marcelo 23
Duster Country Carter, Dustin W. 31
Battle of Britain Mementos Besecker, A. J. 33
Art and Authenticity in Aviation 34
Lindbergh Flies the Mail to Panama Mitch Mayburn 36
Panama Airmail Inaugural Flight--1929 36
Northrop YC-125 Raider, The Kuhn, Gary G. 38
Wartime Fokker Serial Numbers Bowers, Peter M. 42
Treasure Page (photos) 44
The Mail Sack 45
RCAF Mustangs 46
Hindenburg Retrospect 47
ROMA Disaster--Addenda 47
BC-1A’s for Aerial Mapping 48
Rebuilding a P-6E 52
Society Affairs 53
Aviation Periodicals, Published in the U.S. Robert F. Pauley 64
World War I Photo Page Bowers, Peter M. 68
World War II Photo Page Balzer, Gerald H. 68
Sling Shot Flyers, The Dickey, Fred C. Jr. 83
Navy’s First Sky Hook Smith, Richard K. 91
Glider Launch From U.S.S to Los Angeles (Photos) 95
Vin Fiz Commemorative Flight 100
Transcontinental U.S.A., 1911 George H. Tweney 101
Flying Pioneers of Aviation: Milton H. Korn, Richard A. Korn Morehouse, Harold E. 104
Lincoln Beachey’s Last Ride Weeks E. D. 105
Curtiss Hawks in the Army, Part 1 Cavanaugh, Robert L. 112
More About Serial Numbers 117
Braley Beezle Bug Cedric E Galloway 120
Family Tree of the A.T.C. Juptner, Joseph P. 121
Transport Notes Armstrong, Robert L. 123
Treasure Page (photos) 124
Mail Sack 125
Wartime Fokker Serial Numbers 125
Douglas Super DC-3s 129
Society Affairs 132
A.A.H.S. Negative Lending Library Established 137
WWI Aviation Reunion (Photos) 152
Patrol Planes and Patrol Squadrons Dickey, Fred C. Jr. 161
Aviation Instruments--A Brief History, Part 1 Scheppler, Robert J. 169
Cockpit Instruments--Orenco PW-3 (Photos) 169
Cockpit Instruments--Thomas-Morse MB-3A (Photos) 169
Cockpit Instruments--VE-7 (Photos) 169
Drift Indicator Lines JN4-D (Photos) 169
First Altitude Indicator (Photos) 169
Cockpit Instruments--DH-4 (Photos) 175
Cockpit Instruments--Fokker D VII (Photos) 175
Cockpit Instruments--Martin MB-2 (Photos) 175
Cockpit Instruments--Barling (Photos) 176
Cockpit Instruments--Douglas DWC (Photos) 176
Vertical Display Instrument Panel (Photos) 176
Cockpit Instruments--DH-4B (Photos) 178
Cockpit Instruments--Boeing 40A (Photos) 179
Cockpit Instruments--Curtiss PW-1 (Photos) 179
Cockpit Instruments--Ryan (Spt .St. Louis) (Photos) 179
17th P. R. Squadron, The Rust, Robert E. 180
First International Air Race, The Taylor, Frank G. 183
Carrier Task Force Markings Miller, Thomas G. Jr. 188
Triple Zilch George J Letzter 191
USAFE Gunnery Team (Photos) 192
Flying Pioneers in Aviation: Robert G. Fowler, Maj. George E.A. Hallett, Morehouse, Harold E. 196
Vin Fiz Commemorative Flight 197
Family Tree of the A.T.C. Juptner, Joseph P. 200
Transport Notes 202
Aviation Painting Skidmore, LeRoy 203
World War I Photo Page Bowers, Peter M. 204
Mail Sack 205
Lincoln Beachey’s Last Ride 205
Spirit of St. Louis Replica . 205
Society Affairs 208
Wildcat Story, The Greene, Frank L. 223
Wildcat vs. Zero 238
Navy Gets an Engine, The Lippincot, Harvey H. 247
Navy’s First Fighter, The Matt, Paul R. 259
Aviation Instruments--A Brief History, Part 2 Scheppler, Robert J. 261
Cockpit Instruments--Boeing 80A (Photos) 262
Cockpit Instruments--Douglas M-2 (Photos) 262
Cockpit Instruments--Fokker F-32 (Photos) 262
Cockpit Instruments--Lockheed Air Express (Photos) 262
Cockpit Instruments--Fokker C-3 (Photos) 264
Cockpit Instruments--Boeing F4B4 & P-12E (Photos) 265
Cockpit Instruments--Boeing P-26A (Photos) 265
Cockpit Instruments--Boeing 314 (Photos) 266
Cockpit Instruments--Douglas DC-1 & DC-3 266
Curtiss Hawks in the Army Cavanaugh, Robert L. 267
Family Tree of the A.T.C. Juptner, Joseph P. 273
Vintage Amphibians 274
The Flying Pioneers of Aviation: N. Roy Waite Morehouse, Harold E. 275
Mail Sack 276
Deisel Aircraft Engines 278
Society Affairs 279