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AAHS Journal Volume 5 (1960) Table of Contents


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Article Author Page
Hindenburg Retrospect Dr. Douglas H. Robinson 1
National Guard Aviation, 1940-1941 Robert Krauskopf 14
World War II Photo Page Balzer, Gerald H. 20
Finishes and Markings of USAF Aircraft George J Letzter 24
The Navy’s Air Navigation Charts Paolo E. Coletta 31
World War I Photo Page Peter M. Bowers 40
Flying Pioneers of Aviation: Harry N. Atwood, Arch Freeman Harold E. Morehouse 42
Douglas A-20 Production List William T. Larkins 52
Some Origins of Military Aeronautics Russell Jay Parkinson 54
Aircraft and War Lt. Col. Edgar A. Holt, USAF & M. Hamlin Cannon 61
Some Air Mail Planes, 1918-1930 66
The Mail Sack 68
The President’s Annual Report James J. Sloan 88
The Goodyear Amphibians 91
"Black Sunday" 109
American Aircraft in Uruguayan Colors 121
World War II Photo Page Gerald Balzer 126
Related Air Aces in WWI and WWII 132
Sam Cody’s Flying Cathedrals 138
World War I Photo page 146
The Mail Sack & Letters to the Editor 153
Letters to the Editor 155
Food for Thought; You can't take it with you: Peter M Bowers 159
Photos 161
RCAF Serial Numbers, Part 1 Neil A. MacDougall 163
Survey of Antique and Replia Aircraft in California Gary Fisk 166
North American P-51 Types to Appear on U.S. Civil Register Robert T. O'Dell 173
Photo Page 176
Lockheed P-38 Serial Numbers William T. Larkins 177
History of the 88th Observation Squadron 187
American Developments of the Bristol Fighter 202
The National Air Museum 209
The MacMechan-Kamp Airship 216
The Airship as an Aircraft Carrier Richard K Smith 221
An Evening in Berlin Lt Col Brian F Flanagan, USAF 229
Flying Pioneers of Aviation: Walter E. Lees, L. Earle Sandt, William E. "Gink" Doherty, Frank Kastory, Joseph M. Palli Harold E. Morehouse 234
World War II Photo Page Gerald Balzer 244
World War II on Other Fronts Heinz Nowarra 246
RCAF Serial Numbers, Part 2 Neil A. MacDougall 253
Chase YC-122 Civilian Registry 259
New Lives of the Chase YC-122 259
Canadian Curtiss Aircraft--1914-1916 260
Last Orion, The 260
Aircraft Armament--The Beginnings 261
Finishes and Markings of USAF Aircraft 262
Japanese International Flights of the 1930s 263
John Sloan 271
Vought Fighters--The First Generation Krauskopf, Tobert 275
Friedrichshafen Raid, The--Nov. 21,1914 Robinson, Douglas H. 285
World War II Photo Page 288
Horn Flight Simulator, The (WWI German) (Photos) 290
Army Airship Operations, Langley Field Olmsted, Merle 293
National Aircraft Photo Collections Roger Besecker 305
Robbins and Schiefer Pursuit Machine, The D’Estout, Henri G. 309
Flight Operations At Sea: World War I Contey, Frank A. 310
World War II Photo Page Gerald Balzer 314
Air National Guard, The--A Pictorial Review Besecker, A. J. 316
Flying Pioneers of Aviation: Charles Livingston Wiggin, Harry M. Jones, Marjorie Stinson, Dernard L. Whelan, Farnum T. Fish Morehouse, Harold E. 320
Aircraft Interned In Sweden During WWII 334
Douglas Super DC-3s 336
The Mail Sack 338
WWII Aircraft Markings of the 15th Air Force Freeman, Roger A. 342
Serial No. Listing Of RCAF P-51D Types (Table) 345
DC-6 Airplane Fuselage & Mfg. Ser. No. (Table) 347