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AAHS Journal Volume 3 (1958) Table of Contents


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Article Author Page
The Skipping Characteristics of Some Flying Boats Mitch Mayborn 1
Fokker Dr. I 2009/18 John R. Sharp 8
DN-1, the US Navy’s First Dirigible Lt. Col. Robert H. Rankin, USMC 9
Do. 200--Made in U.S.A. Roger A. Freeman 11
Further Notes on the Museum of Science and Industry Gregory C. Kohn 12
The Golden Years of Flying Bill Rhode 13
Preview of Plastics for 1958 George J Letzter 17
A Challenge--Accepted Gregory C. Kohn 18
WW-I Photos Available from the Imperial War Museum Mauno Salo 22
Introduction to the Vultee V-1A (continued) Gregory C. Kohn 25
Baby Blue Blimps 32
World War I Photo Page Peter M. Bowers 33
Duster Heaven Harry S. Gann Jr. 35
New Standards on the 1945 Register Harry S. Gann Jr. 38
Movie Aircraft Photo Page 39
Description and Worth of Air Service Information Circulars John Sloan 41
Northrop XFT-1 (3-view plan) Peter M. H. Lewis 43
The Jarrett Museum of World War I Aviation Col. G.B. Jarrett 44
Seversky Photo Page 48
Gregory C. Kohn 50
To Arms, Men John Sloan 51
Genealogy of the Curtiss Sparrowhawk Dirigible Fighters Willis L. Nye 70
Chronological History of the F9C-2 and its use on the AKRON and MACON John C. Mitchell, Cmdr USNR 100
Japanese and German Aircraft on Outdoor Exhibit 110
How to Draw a 3-View from One Photograph H.L. Kelley 111
World War I Photo Page Peter M. Bowers 116
Jagdeschwader #1 Field Book 118
The Sikorsky S-35 and the First New York to Paris Attempt Mitch Mayborn 119
The Measure of America’s World War I Aeronautical Effort 128
Competition for the Dragon 129
Surplus Aircraft at Litchfield Park Brian R. Baker 131
The Lost Airports Bill Rhode 137
The Navy’s Light Bombing Wing William A. Riley, Jr. 148
Additional Aviation Movies Frank Strnad 152
Bibliography of Hollywood Aviation Motion Picture Material Frank Strnad 158
The Air Museum Rev. Boardman C. Reed 162
The Curtiss SOC Seagull David Brazelton 167
The "Century of Progress" Story Gregory C. Kohn 172
World War I Photo Page Peter M. Bowers 177
Bellanca Production List William T. Larkins 179
The 1910 Boston Globe Air Meet L.E. Opdycke 186
Foreign Aircraft on the US Civil Register 191
P-47 Serial Number Allocation 194
Aircraft in the Thompson Products Museum Frank Strnad 200
The Goodyear Amphibians Brian R. Baker 202
Reference Material on the Fokker DR-I Gary Fisk 204
The Story of Lockheed Vega NR-496M Gregory C. Kohn 214
Historical Vignette Willis L. Nye 225
Historical Aviation Films Hugh Wynne 226
Braniff Airways Lockheed Vega Crash Report Air Commerce Bulletin, Vol 7, No 10 233
War Surplus--Post World War I Style 234
Early Operations with the 31st and 350th Fighter Groups Lt. Col. Gerard DuKet as recorded by John Sloan 242
Antoinette Model I (Gastambide & Mengin) Feb/1908, 3-View 244
Antoinette ModelII (Gastambide & Mengin) Aug/1908, 3-View 245
Antoinette ModelIII, 1908, 3-View 246
Antoinette Model IV, 1909, 3-View 247
Official British and Australian Air Histories of WW-II 248
The Navy’s Non-rigid Airships Raymond J. Schmitt 249
Flying Saucers Frederick Gardner Freeman Jr. 255
Aviation History & Tape Recording George Rooker 257
Battle Participation of Organizations of the American Expeditionary Forces in France, Belgium and Italy, 1917-1918 Extract from US Government Printing Office 1920 258
Official Report of the Post-Rogers Orion Crash Air Commerce Bulletin, Vol 7, No 4, 1935 265
Seversky Photographs 266
Bibliography of Non-Fiction Aviation Marterial in Liberty Magazine Frank C. Taylor 268
Imperial War Museum Photo List, German Aircraft 1914-1918 Edited by K.M. Molson 270
War Photos Available from the RCAF K.M. Molson 279
Camels and Characters Frank Yeoman 281
Douglas A-26s on the U.S. Civil Register as of April 1954 287