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Night Fighters, Luftwaffe and RAF Air Combat over Europe 1939-1945
by Colin D. Heaton and Anne-Marie Lewis

Publisher: Naval Institute Press

200 Wood Road, Annapolis, MD 31402

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While not specifically American aviation history, this work makes an interesting read from the perspective of understanding the evolution of aerial command and control that has influenced U.S. doctrine from WWII to present. Night fighting required a unique combination of aerial skills married with technology and communication. The book is written primarily from the Luftwaffe perspective interwoven with RAF Bomber Command tactics to counteract or defeat these efforts. There is very little coverage of the RAFís night fighter tactics or missions, often mentioned only in conjunction with Luftwaffe losses. The evolution of night fighter tactics, the integration of ground-based radar and command and control are covered in detail with numerous first-person accounts.

While well written, the authorís writing style definitely shows his university background. Wading through sentences, often eight to ten lines in length with multiple subjects, is a challenge. Getting past the principal authorís writing style will, however, lead the reader to a wealth of information.

Hayden Hamilton