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Fatal Army Air Forces Aviation Accidents in the United States 1941-1945
by Anthony J. Mireless

Publisher: McFarland Publishing

Box 611, Jefferson, NC 28640

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Pages:  1336 (3 vol) No. Photos:

Anthony Mireless obtained the microfilm for every fatal USAAF aircraft accident in the continental United States and wrote a crash summary for each one including location, aircrew names, and probable cause, if known. While there are no photographs the unique content makes this research work a must for students of WWII, aviation history, and those with an interest in aircraft archaeology.

The appendices at the back of volume three include: accident statistics, Army Air Force Stations in the U.S. 1941-1945, crashed aircraft by manufacturer including serial numbers, location index by state, and name index of those who died.

Few people realize that more United States military aviators and aircrew lost their lives in routine training, ferrying, and testing of aircraft here in the U.S. than were lost in combat! This book does an outstanding job of remembering those who lost their lives here at home. It is an essential reference for relatives tracing the fates of loved ones.

Individual volumes $75.00 each.

G. Pat Macha