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Beyond Pearl Harbor, The Untold Stories of Japanís Naval Airmen
by Ron Werneth

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

4880 Lower Valley Road, Atglen, PA 19310

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Pages:  288 No. Photos:
 170 b&w and color photos, ma

This book chronicles WWII in the Pacific from the perspective of Japanese naval aviators using interviews, personal diaries, and photographs never before published.

Seventeen interviews with Japanese naval fighter, attack, and bomber pilots provides the reader an inside track to understanding the training, tactics, planning, and execution of Imperial Japanís Naval Aviation strategy throughout WWII. The remarkable interviews conducted by the author shed light on attitudes and feelings of these pilots and their comrades from the opening days of the Pacific war to its conclusion. The interviews reveal the details of daily life aboard aircraft carriers of the Imperial Japanese Navy, and of the individual aviators who manned them. These pilots also share their thoughts about present day Japan.

Finally, the reader is able to view the Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor, Malaya, and Midway as never before, through the eyes of these pilots who describe their missions, and their outcomes in great detail. Additional insights on other Pacific battles including the Philippine Sea, the role of accidents, and luck are discussed. I highly recommend this scholarly and unique work.

G. Pat Macha