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U.S. Naval Aviation, A Military Photo Logbook, Volume 1
by Dennis R. Jenkins

Publisher: Specialty Press

39966 Grand Ave., North Branch, MN 55056

Web Site: www.specialtypress.com
Binding:  Paperback Height:




Pages:  120 No. Photos:
 350 Color

These beautifully printed books are the first in a planned series. They both follow the same basic format similar to a photo scrapbook. Detailed captioned photographs are arranged chronologically covering service operations for the period of the 2006 calendar year. The books strike a nice balance of aircraft operations and maintenance. Photos are by military photographers with unparalleled access to facilities and aircraft worldwide. The books document all aspects of operations in peace and war with photos taken in the air, aboard ship, and at bases worldwide. The Naval aviation volume covers the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps and Coast Guard aircraft. Both books cover most current aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles operated by each service. Each photo includes the date taken, a description of the event and the name and rank of the photographer.

Both of these books, while of general interest in themselves, can serve as excellent references to modelers and aviation researchers alike. The fine detail of the images provides insight into configurations, paint schemes, markings and operational use.

Hayden Hamilton