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RF-4B Phantom II, USMC Tactical Reconnaissance
by Lee R. DeHaven and Richard Rentrop

Publisher: APT Collectibles

PO Box 788, Bonsall, CA 92003

Web Site: www.aptcollectibles.com
Binding:  eBook (PDF) Height:




Pages:  387 No. Photos:
 400 plus mostly color

Lee DeHaven and Richard Rentrop have produced a monumental work covering the development and deployment of the McDonnell Douglas RF-4B Phantom II with the USMC. This extensive work covers the unit histories of Marine Corps squadrons that operated this aircraft. This includes VMCJ-1, VMCJ-3, VMCJ-3 and VMFP-3 and is loaded with first person accounts from the aviators, aircrew and ground personnel associated with the aircraft. From Viet Nam operations to final phase out, the reader gains insight to how the aircraft was deployed and its capabilities to provide valuable tactical reconnaissance information to field commanders. The book includes an appendix providing the aircraft histories for each RF-4B produced and is loaded with photos of most of these aircraft. For the modeler, the book contains color drawings of all the various unit markings and their evolution. The drawings are complemented by color photographs showing these paint schemes. Also included are drawings from the Plane Capitanís Handbook and other maintenance documents. This electronic book (eBook) provides interactive navigation, even down to being able to view full screen versions of the photos and drawings incorporated in the text. Using standard PDF format, it is compatible with all popular computer operating systems.

Paul Minert