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In Their Own Words, True Stories and Adventures of the American Fighter Aces
by James A. Oleson

Publisher: iUniverse, Inc.

2021 Pine Lake Road, Suite 100, Lincoln, NE 68512

Web Site: www.iuniverse.com
Binding:  Hardcover Height:




Pages:  388 No. Photos:

In Their Own Words describes the contents of this book. 172 pages of the 361 total consist of the interviews of aces who flew the war planes of WWII and of the thoughts or memories of the war and the individual airplanes. The trend throughout this section of the book is basically a description of the interviewee’s activities involving his favorite airplane.

The latter half of the book is a gathering of data such as aces that were KIA, MIA and/or POW, shot down and escaped and those who were neither shot down nor injured. This section includes tables of data involving everything from aircraft types to nicknames of the aces. For those who like detailed info, this book has it.

Bruce Cunningham