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Information for Authors
  • Manuscripts typed on one side of 8.5 x 11 inch (or A4) paper.  Include author's name on first page.
  • Electronic manuscripts (preferred) may be submitted on CD or floppy disk in either Macintosh or Windows format.  Manuscripts must be in either Microsoft Word or plain text format.  Please include a hard copy of the manuscript with separate captions, references or footnotes, authors notes, etc.  If you would prefer to electronically transmit the documents and photos, please contact the Webmaster first.
  • Computer printouts are fine, but please NO fancy fonts, and no second-generation copies!  Your copy is scanned by computer to generate type for printing your article.  Italics or fancy fonts are not easily recognized by the scanner program and errors abound.  This increases the time required to produce the Journal and increases the costs.
  • Dot matrix and typewriter or Helvecita/Geneva fonts read well, but please, ragged right margins for work spacing.
  • Captions, References, bibliography and author's biography should follow the manuscript.
  • Digital images need to be scanned with at least 450 dpi resolution in either TIFF or JPEG format (color is fine).  Photos 8"x10" or larger can be scanned at 450 DPI. For an 8"x10" print, the pixel dimension will be approximately 3600 x 4500. If you print is a different dimension, then scan to generate an image with approximately these pixel dimension. If you have digital images, please provide these in lieu of prints made on photo printers.
  • Prefer photos to be glossy but not necessary.  Color photos are fine.  They scan beautifully. Please DO NOT SEND home photo printer images. They are NOT the same as a photographic print and present reproduction problems when trying to print them in the Journal.  If you already have them in digital form, contact us about sending the digital image instead.  Makes the editor's life much easier to be able to work directly with the digital image.
  • Adequate captions should be furnished including credit (original owner/photographer) followed by the lender.
  • DO NOT attach captions to back of photos - for scanning they must be in manuscript form.

     While every effort will be made to safeguard submissions, AAHS assumes no responsibility for the loss of materials.  If original photos are of precious nature, it is suggested that duplicate prints be furnished.
    Journal articles are accepted from AAHS members only except in instances where the editorial staff solicits a journalistic piece of meritorious quality.  All articles must have an American flavor.  For example, American personnel or planes in foreign service or foreign planes or personnel in U.S. service are acceptable.  Not accepted are articles unrelated to American aviation.
     A particular subject should not normally be longer than two parts.  Exceptions may be made where the subject matter has outstanding merit.  Ideal manuscript length for a single insertion is 30 pages double spaced (15 pages single spaced) including references, etc.  For style and form consult recent Journals.
     Please include brief author's biography written in third person, together with author's photo.

    Please contact the editor if you have any questions.

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