The Corona Virus world is really beginning to GREATLY annoy me.  Not only can we not send our kids to school, open our business doors to make money,  or eat inside a restaurant… WE CAN'T HAVE OUR ANNUAL MEETING! GGRRRHHH!!!!     The San Mateo County still has not cleared the San Franciso Aviation Archives for opening to the public.   Nor has the Hiller Air Museum opened for groups over 25.    We are down to less than 8 weeks, and the AAHS  Board of Directors felt it would carry too big a risk to hope that things will improve and our venues would open.

We have gotten confirmation from SFO Aviation Archives that they are STILL holding open their ‘Pan Am in the Pacific’  displays, awaiting our future meeting.  The Hiller Air Museum has directed we contact them late in the year to reset up our meeting.

We had made alternate plans to have a lovely BBQ outdoors at the Schellville Airport, in Sonoma, on Saturday October 3.   The proprioters of the venue have been very gracious and offered to let us fly vintage aircraft there, and enjoy a lunch program. If there is sufficient interest, we may still go ahead with this activity as a separate event.

For those of you that have already paid, we will provide  refunds for the 2020 meeting, with your confirmation.  Alternately, we could keep it on hand for our 2021 event, or you could donate the amount to the AAHS General Fund, for operations.

Do please let  AAHS know how we should process your AAHS 2020 Annual Meeting Refund.  

If you would be interested in a BBQ lunch at Schellville Airport (Sonoma) on Saturday Oct 3,  let me know that as well. We’d need to have some interest before we confirm plans.  

Jerri Bergen, President, AAHS